Othello was black on his skin,
But Iago was black from within;
He fostered mistrust —
“Desdemona in lust…”
And O killed her to his great chagrin.


The Merchant of Venice

Wylie Shylock lends gold as he can
For the life of the debtor by plan;
But then Portia steps in
As attorney to win
The acquittal, the wealth, and the man!

Welcome to Limerick du Jour.

Welcome to Limerick du Jour.  This will be a site of social commentary, including politics, economics and the arts, all done in limerick form.   For the uninitiated, a limerick is a five-line poetry format with rhyming first, second and fifth lines, and rhyming third and fourth lines that are briefer than the other three.   Often the fifth line features a comic or surprise ending.  Although we may satirize people and policies in government , economics and the arts, we do so without partisan or political agenda, but only to find the humor in the subject.  It has been said that if one loses the ability to laugh one loses the ability to reason; humor is basically recognizing the ironies and idiocies of reality, and by finding the humor in something we can better understand it.  Our limericks will reduce current events, people, literature, music, or whatever strikes us to its essence, hopefully in a comic and revealing way.

AN example to start:

In Re Birthright…


The President claims he’s Hawaiian,

But Governor Perry’s not buyin’,

     He wants confirmation

     Of birth in the nation

Does Perry think Barak is lyin’ ?