Year in review

So 2013 is now done,

And it wasn’t a winner in sum;

       From Snowden and leaks

       To Healthcare site tweaks,

And the government shutdown was dumb.


In Syria families were dying,

In Boston crude bombs had us crying,

        And gun-toting fools

        Invaded our schools,

(A fact the gun-lobby’s denying).


The Tea-Party stand had a cost,

All bipartisan effort was tossed;

      And while NSA actions

      Irked civil rights factions,

Famed statesman Mandela was lost.


It did have its moments of joy,

More workers have found an employ;

       With the Fed in its sites

       Stock markets hit heights,

And the Brits got a prince of a boy.


So on New Years take steps that are bold,

Take action to solve problems old;

       Be it health or your savings

       Or curbing your cravings,

Be daring, break out of the mold!

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